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We are pleased to offer our assistance to players that have a grievance with an eCOGRA approved site provided these measures are followed:

1.  Please ensure the site is included on our list of approved seal holders found on the SRS dispute form.

2.  Please make certain that at least two weeks have passed since the problem began and all reasonable attempts have been made to negotiate a solution.

3.  Players may not request assistance more than one year after the conclusion of the Operator's review of the complaint.

4.  Please do not request assistance if you have opened multiple accounts or participated in other nefarious behaviour/s.

5.  We ask that you do not place posts regarding the complaint on any forums nor should you seek assistance from another third party service while we work your case. Either of these will result in the immediate termination of our assistance.

6.  There is no need to include copies of correspondence to/from the site with your claim, we will ask for these at the appropriate time if required.

7.  A concise, clear and to the point summary of your situation will allow us to provide you the best service. Superfluous, nonessential, redundant verbiage will only serve to impede progress. Messages with abusive, insulting and threatening language will be ignored.

8.  We will make every effort to contact you within two working days to confirm receipt of your dispute. Thereafter, if your investigation continues we will seek to update you at least every other week.

9.  We will use our best efforts to resolve your problem through a process of mediation with the site, in an effort to resolve the dispute. eCOGRA does not have authority to direct any outcome to the mediation, nor does the mediation process result in a judgment or decision which is binding for either party.

10.  In the event that your grievance is caused by a material breach of the eCOGRA (eGAP) requirements by the gaming site and this grievance remains unresolved, the site's seal of approval may be withdrawn at the absolute discretion of eCOGRA's Seals Compliance Committee.

11.  We may not be able to mediate disputes that have arisen due to legislation in the players' jurisdiction.

12.  Following our investigations, if we conclude that you do not have a valid grievance we will inform you and cease eCOGRA's involvement in the dispute.

13.  eCOGRA will not enter into any verbal communication with the Player at any time.




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