The eCOGRA Alternative Dispute Resolution (‘ADR’) Service is an impartial adjudication service for disputes that arise between registered sites that hold an operating licence from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and their players. We are pleased to offer our assistance free of charge to these players, and subject to a fixed monthly fee from the approved licence holders, provided the below measures are followed:

  1. Players must ensure the site is included on our list of approved websites found on the  ADR dispute form.
  2. Players must ensure that at least two weeks have passed since the problem began, they have followed the approved licence holder’s internal complaints procedure and that all reasonable attempts have been made to negotiate a solution with the approved licence holder before submitting an ADR dispute form.
  3. Players may not request assistance if the dispute is being or has been considered by another approved ADR provider or a court.
  4. Players may not request assistance if the dispute arose more than one year ago.
  5. eCOGRA reserves the right to decline any assistance if in eCOGRA’s opinion the dispute is frivolous, vexatious, or does not relate to the outcome of a gambling transaction (for example, game fairness, betting results, application of bonus offers, account management, or the ability to access funds and winnings). eCOGRA will within three weeks of receiving the dispute inform the player and the appropriate approved licence holder, together with the reason, should eCOGRA decide to decline the dispute on these grounds.
  6. Players must submit a concise, clear and to the point summary of the circumstances of their dispute which will allow eCOGRA to provide the best service. Superfluous, nonessential, redundant verbiage will only serve to impede progress.
  7. There is no need for the player to initially include copies of correspondence to/from the approved licence holder with the dispute form, this information will be requested by eCOGRA at the appropriate time if required.
  8. eCOGRA will make every effort to contact the player electronically or by post, as requested by the player, within five working days to confirm receipt of the dispute. Thereafter, if the investigation continues eCOGRA will endeavour to update the player at least every other week and aim to conclude the dispute resolution process within ninety days of receiving the dispute and all other relevant information to enable the dispute to be processed.
  9. eCOGRA will not enter into any verbal communication with the player at any time.
  10. eCOGRA will use its reasonable efforts to resolve the dispute through reference to the approved licence holder’s terms and conditions and a process of non-binding mediation between the player and approved licence holder. The process will follow eCOGRA’s standard practice which may be varied by eCOGRA at any time at its discretion. The process does not restrict a player’s right to bring proceedings against the licence holder in any court of competent jurisdiction before or following eCOGRA’s proposed solution to the dispute.
  11. Once a dispute has been referred to eCOGRA, the player and the approved licence holder should refrain from contacting each other and discussing the dispute. All communication should be channelled through eCOGRA.
  12. Upon request eCOGRA will provide the player and approved licence holder with the arguments, evidence, documents and facts put forward by the other party, including any statements made, or opinions given, by an expert. Information relating to fraud protection measures adopted by the approved licence holder may not be disclosed.
  13. Players may make a written request to eCOGRA to cease assistance at any time.
  14. Players and approved licence holders are required to keep the details of disputes and resulting decisions confidential. This confidentiality does not apply to information requested by the Gambling Commission or in the course of legal proceedings.
  15. By using our ADR Service the player agrees that that there is no entitlement to claim in respect of the process or its outcome. Accordingly, eCOGRA accepts no liability for any loss, damage, loss of opportunity or inconvenience arising from any dispute between a player and an approved licence holder, the failure of a party to comply with the process and/or any agreement reached between the parties, the process itself, or the conduct of eCOGRA in relation to the dispute.

The ADR Service is managed by Ms Tex Rees, a Clear ADR Accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator and full-time employee of eCOGRA. Ms Rees has over 20 years’ experience in the betting and gambling industry, and during the past 12 years has dealt with over 8,000 remote gambling disputes.